It’s January, a new year but so far feels like 2020 all over again, but is a good time to make some changes in life, right? no? come on.. at least try even you fail in the next day. That’s what January feels like, a time when we fully want to make a change in our life, maybe not actually doing it, but definitely thinking of it.

Where is the thought came from? one above many thing is definitely social media. The devil who just need a second and simple swipe on your phone, easily infected our brain with overthinking. This condition happen daily and non matter what your condition now, i say it again, it doesn’t matter what condition you have now, there must be some thought about being better in life.

Everyone wanna be better in life, but things happen and many dreams disappear from our head, crash by reality and lost in fantasy world. This is normal in life, but many people mostly didn’t aware about that. The feeling is the same like i was younger, when mom promise to buy me a toy, but he didn’t, the emotion is the same, you have hope and it’s gone.

I’m curious did my mom did that with a purpose? Did my mom really have a knowledge to not give a child whatever they want because later they become demanding more and more? Of course not, if she have more money i’m sure i will have that toy, what parent didn’t wanna give their child a toy? (my mom, because i have plenty in home back then).

So back to January, it’s really good time to make a change because it’s easy to count your progress. Like if u start something in this month, by the next month you can count is your second month doing ‘whatever’ things you do. The problem is, start everything in this life is so god damn hard. Especially for your own sake, even it’s just a simple thing. There so many excuses we can throw, and mostly is our laziness. We know this thing can make change in our life, but we just see the result, that’s why we want it, but we not see the progress we have to take, and it’s really a deal breaker.

Why everything have to be better? Where’s the enough button? Why humanity have to push their limit everyday? This is not healthy, we forced to be something the world want us to be. Yeah you can be yourself, do whatever you want, but for how long? Until you need money of course, and doing all of that, you have to care your mental health too or the right word is your sanity.

People success and fail, they getting richer and they getting poor, some are happy and some still crying every night, we know that’s our choice for become whatever we want to be in life, we have the option i’m telling you, but doing all off that with motivation and start a revolution? Nope to hard, maybe tomorrow, today i just wanna in bed all day, scrolling the world in my finger. But hey, some artist say start a revolution from your bed right?